Hillary Clinton Unloads on Obama, Biden, Sanders in New Book

September 07, 2017Sep 07, 2017

Although it isn't schedule for release until next week, Hillary Clinton's new book has been making headlines. Her book, titled "What Happened," provides Clinton's personal reflections on the 2016 campaign, including her perspective on why she might have lost to Republican rival Donald Trump. In the book, she blames not only herself ("I think it's partly because I'm a woman") but also muses about how others may have contributed to her loss. 

According to The Hill, one subject of her new book is former President Obama, who she claims gave her bad advise about how to deal with Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders. Apparently, Obama told her privately that she should not attack the populist senator, out of fear that such attacks might further divide the party ahead of the general election. Clinton apparently believes that such advice was a bad idea, writing that it put her in a "straightjacket" during the primary. 

"President Obama urged me to grit my teeth and lay off Bernie as much as I could. I felt like I was in a straightjacket," she writes.

Clinton also disagrees with the comments put forward by former Vice President Joe Biden, who believes that Clinton did not adequately convey the Democratic Party's commitment to helping the middle class. As a result, billionaire Donald Trump was seen as the candidate for the common man, and Hillary Clinton was depicted as an out-of-touch, wealthy elitist who cared more for her corporate donors than middle class Americans. 

Finally, Clinton unloads on rival Bernie Sanders. She remarks in the book that Sanders paved the way for a Trump presidency by incorrectly casting her as a corporate crony, giving Trump the chance to nickname her "Crooked Hillary." Sanders brushed off the comment and said that the Democratic Party should look forward, not backward to the 2016 election loss.

CNBC News points out that Hillary Clinton is probably wrong about why she lost the election. Her loss, they say, was not the fault of her rival or anybody else, but was rather the result of widespread anger at the political establishment that Hillary Clinton represented. Clinton's loss was not as much a vote for Donald Trump as it was a vote against the media and political establishment. 

Moreover, CNBC speculates that the Democrats will continue to lose unless than completely change their strategy to national politics: "By continuing to attack [Trump] instead of changing their message, all of establishment Washington does nothing to improve its fortunes or esteem among the voters." 

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