Hillary Clinton Talks About Yoga and Nostril Breathing During New Book Tour

September 14, 2017Sep 14, 2017

In order to advertise her new book, Hillary Clinton has been appearing on a variety of platforms. Most interviews have been friendly, and virtually all of them have been with former Clinton supporters. Her interview with Anderson Cooper was perhaps the friendliest yet — and during it, she revealed her reaction to losing to Republican rival Donald Trump. 

Clinton reveals that she did not have a concession speech on the night of her loss. She assumed, with the majority of Americans, that the victory was hers. Donald Trump, though certainly catching her in the polls, was down enough to ensure that the victory would go to Clinton.

All of the great political thinkers close to Clinton had informed her that victory was hers, including former President Bill Clinton and former President Barack Obama. After it finally hit home that she had lost, Clinton had to quickly write a speech. 

During an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, the conversation eventually turned to how she dealt with the surprising defeat. In particular, the conversation turned to yoga and alternate nostril breathing, and Cooper took off his glasses and requested a demonstration of the breathing technique that Hillary Clinton writes about in “What Happened.”

“You’re supposed to shut your eyes, I don’t want to shut my eyes on national television,” Clinton said before demonstrating the act. “I can only say, based on my personal experience, that if you’re sitting cross-legged, on the yoga mat, and you’re doing it and you’re really trying to inhale, and hold it and then have a long exhale, it is very relaxing. I found it quite helpful.”

In another interview during her book tour, Hillary Clinton stopped by "The View." In this interview, too, the questioners were very friendly and asked the former candidate about her reaction to losing the election to Republican rival Donald Trump. 

After her defeat, Clinton reveals that she was devastated. Quickly, she began finding things to occupy herself. 

"I was playing with my dogs. I was catching up on my sleep. But obviously, my mind kept asking, 'what happened and how did it happen?'"

She then decided that she would write a book trying to figure it all out: "I'm going to give this my best effort to figure this out."

She claims that writing the book was very painful. She would write and do research, but then she would need to go lay down to rest and recuperate.

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Huckabee had remarked that it is "sad" that Clinton will spend the remainder of her life writing books and pitting herself against President Donald Trump.

"I think it's sad that after Hillary Clinton ran one of the most negative campaigns in history and lost, and the last chapter of her public life is going to be now defined by propping up book sales with false and reckless attacks," she said.

"I honestly don't pay much attention to what she [Sarah Sanders Huckabee] says," Clinton said in response. 

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