Hillary Clinton Points The Blame For Email Scandal At THIS Famous Republican

August 19, 2016Aug 19, 2016

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has failed to acknowledge her role in the dangerous email scandal that left classified information on an unsecure server. It was also confirmed by FBI Director James Comey that Clinton passed along classified information to people without proper security clearance.

Despite Clinton breaking the law and getting away without even a slap on the wrist, she still refuses to admit her transgressions. According to the New York Times, Clinton is trying to throw former Secretary of State Colin Powell under the bus.

During her meeting with the FBI, Clinton told the agents that Powell had given her advice in which she should use a private email account separate from her government account.

Joe Conason, author of the upcoming book “Man of the World: The Further Endeavors of Bill Clinton,” describes a meeting in which Clinton was present with Madeline Albright, Henry Kissinger and Condoleeza Rice. He writes that Albright asked what advice they would give to the next Secretary of State. Conason writes that “Powell told her to use her own email, as he had done, except for classified communications, which he had sent and received via a State Department computer.”

Powell has since issued a statement saying that he does not recall such a conversation ever taking place.

Powell’s use of a personal email address is acknowledged in his autobiography. Where his and Clinton’s situations differ is that Powell never sent or received classified emails over his personal email address, never sent classified information to people without the proper clearance, nor did he set up an unsecured server in his house.