Hillary Clinton Openly Admits That The Election Is Rigged, Proves Trump Right

October 20, 2016Oct 20, 2016

Oh the irony! President Obama, Hillary Clinton, members of the media and political establishment continue to hammer Donald Trump because he addressed the possibility that there could be instances of fraud during this election.

Just this week Project Veritas released several undercover videos showing clear instances of election fraud and corruption that potentially involve the Clinton campaign and the president himself.

The damaging videos have been largely ignored by the media and Hillary called them a “conspiracy theory” despite the Democratic operatives caught on tape admitting their crimes. After the videos were released two of the operatives were either fired or resigned their positions.

Despite trying to downplay the revelation that Democratic operatives are actively trying to rig the election in their favor, Clinton ultimately admitted that the election is rigged.


At the 3rd and final debate on Wednesday night, Clinton openly accused Russia of rigging the election. Clinton accused Russia of hacking her emails and releasing them through Wikileaks to try and influence the outcome of the election.

To the average American citizen I ask, what difference does it make whether the election is rigged by other countries or by the Democratic Party? We should stand against all types of election fraud. Our country needs to be strong from within. If we cannot stop the corruption within our own political parties, we stand no chance of defending our country from outside influences.