Hillary Clinton Comments on Possible Elizabeth Warren Presidential Run

October 10, 2017Oct 10, 2017

The media has anticipated that Elizabeth Warren, the Democrat from Massachusetts, might run for president in 2020. 

As a result, Elizabeth Warren has had to answer media reports that she might be positioning herself to challenge President Donald Trump. Currently, she says, there is no plan to run for president. Rather, she claims that he efforts are currently about focusing on preventing Donald Trump and the Republican Party from pushing forward their "America First!" policy goals. 

According to The Hill, Hillary Clinton has recently commented on the possibility of a Warren presidential run, commenting that the senator would be subject to many of the same "double standards" that contributed to her election loss. Any Democratic women running in 2020, said Clinton, will face double standards. 

Clinton's comments were made during an appearance in California during her book tour. During the appearance, Clinton was asked what advice she would give Senator Damala Harris or Senator Elizabeth Warren, both of whom are considered women who could be candidates in 2020 against President Donald Trump. 

“You have to have a high pain threshold because the double standard is alive and well," Clinton said.

She then added, "This is endemic to our political system, to business, to the media, to every part of society. So don’t be afraid to talk about it and take it on.”

“There’s a particular level of vitriol, from both the right and the left, directed at women,’’ she continued. “Make no mistake about that.”

Hillary Clinton has been promoting her new book, "What Happened," where she provides a chronical of her election defeat. 

Hillary Clinton doesn't seem to think that her radical feminism and anti-life creed were off-putting to most Americans. Rather, she thinks that women who didn't vote for her were simply too deplorable, too unenlightened, to realize that she represented their interests. And she's furious at Democratic women who didn't vote for her.

Clinton's new book, entitled "What Happened," provides the former presidential candidate's own account of the 2016 election and first-hand analysis of why she lost. She blames a variety of other people for her loss — the FBI, the Russians, President Obama, and others. Now she blames women who weren't enthusiastic enough about her to cast their vote. 

“Since November, more than two dozen women — of all ages, but mostly in their twenties — had approached me in restaurants, theaters, and stores to apologize for not voting or not doing more to help my campaign,” she writes according to reports. “I responded with forced smiles and tight nods.”

 To one young woman who didn't vote for her, she wrote: “I wanted to stare right into her eyes and say, ‘You didn’t vote? How could you not vote?! You abdicated your responsibility as a citizen at the worst possible time! And now you want me to make you feel better?’” she said. “Of course I didn’t say any of that.”

She notes that many young women came to her looking for absolution for the grave sin of voting for her Republican opponent, but that she can't give it. 

"These people were looking for absolution that I just couldn’t give,” she wrote according to reports. “We all have to live with the consequences of our decisions.”

Senator Warren hasn't yet responded to Clinton's remark.

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