Hillary Clinton Attends Same Wedding as Tiffany Trump

August 07, 2017Aug 07, 2017

Bill and Hillary Clinton attended a wedding on Sunday evening, August 7th in New York City. Sophie Lasry and Alex Swieca were the ones getting married; both come from very wealthy and well-known families.

Sophie is the daughter of Marc Lasry, a billionaire who contributed to Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Alex is also the son of a billionaire, Henry Swieca.

The Clintons were spotted wearing matching light blue attire, appropriate for the Jewish ceremony. The Jerusalem Post first pointed out that Bill was wearing a “kippah,” a cap worn by men to fulfill the requirement of covering the head.


According to reports by Dennis Michael Lynch and the Washington Examiner, President Trump’s daughter Tiffany Trump also attended the wedding ceremony. Tiffany was wearing a long, dark and sequin dress.



On social media, many are referring to this coincidence as “awkward.” What do you think about it? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments!

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