Hillary Choses Odd Thing To Celebrate At Olympics

August 08, 2016Aug 08, 2016


Is Hillary Clinton pandering or what? That may be the question many are asking after she took a break on Twitter from attacking Donald Trump to praise the "landmark" accomplishment of one American athlete.

Hillary tweeted: "In Rio, Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad became the first American Muslim athlete to compete while wearing a hijab."

The tweet accompanied a photo meme of Muhammad wearing her head covering.

Yesterday, Hillary tweeted praise of U.S. gymnast Laurie Hernandez for being "the first U.S.-born Latina on the Olympics gymnastics team since '84."


Absent from her tweets are praise for any of the American athletes who have already won medals at the Rio Olympics.

For Hillary, are the Olympics less about showcasing the best sports talents in the world and more about pushing her political agenda?