Hillary BLASTS Trump After Forum; Trump Fires Back With THIS

September 08, 2016Sep 08, 2016

After 278 days, Hillary Clinton finally held a press conference.

According to the New York Times, Hillary spoke to the press after her pre-debate scrimmage with rival Donald Trump at the NBC Commander-In-Chief Forum last night in New York.

On the tarmac of the Westchester airport, she blasted Trump on multiple issues and reiterated that she believes that his presidency would motivate more jihad and would be "a gift for ISIS."

Trump responded on Twitter: "Hillary just gave a disastrous news conference on the tarmac to make up for poor performance last night. She's being decimated by the media!"

His campaign also released the following statement, written by Senior Communications Advisor Jason Miller:

“Last night Hillary Clinton again failed the commander-in-chief test, where she was unable to answer for her terrible foreign policy judgment, mishandling of classified information and claims that the VA wait time scandal was overblown. Her claim that no lives were lost in Libya was an insult to the memory of the four brave Americans who died in Benghazi. So it’s no surprise she’s resorting to unhinged and dishonest attacks, including claiming on Israeli TV that terrorists are praying for Mr. Trump to win. These are the desperate attacks of a flailing campaign sinking in the polls, and characteristics of someone woefully unfit for the presidency of the United States."

What did you think of the forum last night?