Hilarious Video Sends Internet Into Uproar, 'Mysterious Man' MUST Make it to Work

June 25, 2018Jun 25, 2018

Most of us have been there: we wake up early and get ready for an important meeting or job interview. We are in our "Sunday best," ready to woo the other party with our professionalism and timeliness. Everything will be seamless. Until, however, we get in our car and realize that the traffic is so heavy that we will most likely be late. Panic. Anxiety. Stress. 

So what does one do in this situation? Well, for one New York man on his way to an important meeting with a potential manager, a solution was just across the river. "Mystery Man," now found out to be Scott Holt, was seen paddleboarding across the Hudson River in a full suit and dress shoes. 

According to NBC, Eunice Rivers was the first one to spot Holt. She was on a ferry in Jersey City on Thursday morning, when she looked out the window and saw Holt paddleboarding along. Of course, she immediately grabbed her phone to document the event. Soon enough, most of the passengers on the ferry were laughing at Holt and documenting the hilarious scene as well. 

Rivers said, "Everybody was just laughing. People just couldn't believe it."

Below is the video:

The video was particularly funny because it hit a cord of familiarity among many American workers. It was later found out that Holt, an aspiring comedian, was on his way to a very important meeting in New York City with a potential manager. He said he knew he wouldn't make it in time with the normal commute. 

Authorities didn't find the gesture as funny as the Internet did, however. Holt noted that when he reached the New York side of the Hudson, a cop and Water Taxi captain were waiting for him. Holt said that the captain was yelling and cursing at him for the dangerous crossing. Luckily, the cop was in a "good mood" and let Holt go to his meeting, which didn't go as well as intended.

Holt said, "The meeting didn't go as well as my commute. I'm still looking for a manager...I got a free commute and shoe shine out of it."

Holt also noted that he is glad that he can bring joy to people through the social media attention the video has been getting! 

What do you think about this?! Did it make you laugh? Let us know and share it to bring joy to friends and family! In other recent news, a beloved 'Pawn Stars' icon just tragically passed away. Please be praying for his family during this time.