Hilarious 7-Year-Old Girl Pretends to be a ‘Hot Mess’ in Viral Video

July 27, 2017Jul 27, 2017

Ava Ryan is the latest internet sensation. She is a humorous 7-year-old girl best known for making hilarious YouTube videos. Her YouTube channel has nearly 40,000 subscribers.

One of her latest videos shows Ava pretending to be a woman named Charlene who is a “hot mess.” In an exclusive interview with People magazine, the young girl revealed that the inspiration for the character came from a lady she saw while walking on the street.

Her clever statements as “Charlene” have people laughing all around the country. This video alone has over 80,000 views and is continuously increasing.

At one point she states, “Girl I know I’m a mess, but that’s what I live for,” as she has smeared lipstick all over her face. Later she says, “My life is a chain of awkward selfies.” Watch Ava’s character “Hot Mess Charlene” below. This is sure to crack you up!

Check out another one of Ava’s funny videos below. In this video, Ava provides gym tips and workout motivation.

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