High School Teacher TRASHES American Flag In Front Of Students, Claims Its Constitutional

September 20, 2016Sep 20, 2016

A misinformed Anti-American High School teacher in Fayetteville, North Carolina proved himself to a part of the problem that ails the country when he trashed the American flag in front of his students.

Lee Francis, a history teacher at Massey Hill Classical High School claimed that he was exercising his 1st amendment rights when he threw the American flag on the ground in front of his students and stomped all over it. According to the Daily Caller, Francis first wanted to set the flag on fire but none of his students had a lighter. He then asked for scissors to cut up the flag.

When none of his students offered any tools to help him destroy the flag, Francis threw it on the ground and stepped all over it. The reason: he believes it is his first amendment right.


Not only does Lee Francis not understand the constitution, he does not understand North Carolina law either. Statute 14-381 makes it illegal “to cast contempt upon any flag of the United States or upon any flag of North Carolina by public acts of physical contact including, but not limited to, mutilation, defiling, defacing or trampling.”

The school has yet to take action against Francis. However, there is growing outrage in the community and across the internet. America’s youth should not be subjected to the actions and rantings of a hate filled teacher. Nor should taxpayers be funding misguided history teachers who hate their country and don’t understand the subject that they are teaching.