High School Baseball Coach and His Wife Electrocuted to Death in Front of Son

March 11, 2019Mar 11, 2019

A horrible accident has just taken place that seems almost unimaginable. A high school baseball coach has just died, along with his wife, after a tragic incident occurred.

Coach Crum had apparently been using a boom lift to unload some equipment so he could repair a scoreboard. However, when the boom lift touched some overhead power lines it suddenly sent high voltage electricity throughout the machine. Coach Crum began to be electrocuted.

His wife and son were also at the scene during the moment the boom collided with the power lines. When Crum's wife saw he was in trouble, she tried to help. In the process, she was also electrocuted. The couple died from the injuries.

"Liberty County Sheriff Joe White confirmed Monday that Corey Crum, 39, and his wife Shana Crum, 41, died Sunday afternoon in Bristol. He said their 14-year-old son was injured and expected to recover," reported Fox News.

“The coach’s wife attempted to aid him and was also electrocuted. Their son also attempted to help the two, and he was electrocuted and injured. ...This is a tragic event which has rocked our community to its core. We ask for prayers and respect for the family, students and parents involved," Sherrif White shared. 

The couple's own son had tried to save them but was unable to help. He suffered injuries during the event but is expected to survive and make a full recovery.

The community is extremely devastated by this horrific accident and the sudden loss of the Crums. The baseball team was said to be taking the loss of their coach especially hard. Please join us in praying for them during this sad time.

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