HGTV’s Erin Napier Shares Daughter Mae’s 1st Birthday Milestones

Ben and Erin Napier.

Every day, we are changing! HGTV star Erin Napier gave fans a sweet update on daughter Mae’s milestones while commemorating the little one’s first birthday.

“Mae turned one year old a couple weeks ago,” the Home TownOn Sunday, June 12, the designer, 36, posted a picture of Mae playing with a guitar in her playhouse and wrote it via Instagram. “She says dada, mama, yaya, mmmm (for milk!), hen (Helen!), hey! Her favorite book? Goodnight Moon, her favorite food is banana, when she hugs my neck she sighs ‘ooooh. oooooh.’”

HGTVs Erin Napier Shares Daughter Maes Milestones After Her 1st Birthday

Erin Napier’s daughter, Mae.
Courtesy Erin Napier/Instagram

Napier continued, gushing that her daughter “loves to dance, and could walk by herself if she would let go of my one finger she believes keeps her on her size 3 feet. She is my adventurous one, fearless, climbing and falling, but always ready to get back up and try it again.”

The home improvement TV personality concluded her post by writing that she is “so thankful for this angel girl’s life.”

Napier and her husband. Ben NapierMae was born to the couple in May 2021. The couple — who tied the knot in 2008 — are also parents of 4-year-old Helen, who struggled with the concept of becoming a big sister when Mae first arrived. “She’s now finding out that Mae is starting to show a personality,” Erin told Us WeeklyOnly in March “She can clap her hands, she can crawl and everybody cheers and is so excited. I think she’s starting to feel a little, like, ‘Well what about me?’”

She continued: “Helen is never, ever ugly toward her baby. They were having a great time playing together this morning. Helen was playing with Helen for the first time. Like, they were friends and not just like, ‘Don’t take my toy.’”

Ben, 38 years old, stated that his daughters finally found a common love of food and were able bond. “Helen came running up to her, and Mae was so excited and held [a waffle] out for her and Helen bit it,” the woodworker told Use. “Mae thought that was hilarious. Then they started playing. It was really good.”

While the twosome are happy to let the girls find things to connect over on their own, they’re stricter about how much they share about the little ones online and on their show. “I don’t want them to feel like [we]Too much was shared [their]When you live the good life [they were]Young without [their] permission,” Erin said that month. “Cause our parents never had any kind of option do that with us.”

“I want to share pictures of their beautiful faces every day. Like, I wish that’s all I posted,” the Make Something Good Today author joked. “But it doesn’t feel right. Something about, it feels like I need to, I need to guard them more than that.”

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