Christian HGTV Stars Reveal They Are Pregnant With a Baby Girl

October 17, 2017Oct 17, 2017

Ben and Erin Napier are HGTV's newest stars. The couple hosts "Home Town," which was released in March and shows their renovation process of old homes in their small town of Laurel, Mississippi.

The couple was discovered on social media after their home was featured on "Southern Weddings" in 2014. Ben, a former youth pastor, is a craftsman and woodworker. The couple had never imagined renovating homes on television, but when an HGTV executive contacted them and they realized they could put their small town on the map, they couldn't resist.

Now, after several months, the couple has revealed a secret. They are expecting a baby girl. The couple revealed the announcement on their blog, fittingly titled, "Our Secret."

They said that they found out they were pregnant in May and vowed to keep it a secret to everyone except for their family and close friends. Erin revealed that a year prior, she was at church on Mother's Day. She said that she felt a deep amount of fear about motherhood and about the shame that accompanied that fear. 

She said, "That day, for the first time, I prayed that God would finally give me a desire to be a mother that was stronger than my fear...We've kept it a secret because it felt too close and too important to share."

Erin said that while they have kept it a secret for seven months, fans will be able to follow along with her first few months of her pregnancy on season 2 of their show. 

She said, "I am now almost 7 months pregnant, and it has been thankfully a healthy and easy pregnancy. The long hours of filming have been hard on my very tired body each day, and in the first trimester there were headaches daily but never morning sickness. I thanked God for it, and still do."

The soon-to-be mother also revealed the name of their baby girl. Ben and Erin will name her Helen, after Erin's grandmother. 

Erin said, "My prayer for Helen is that she will be brave and kind. I pray that she will not be bullied the way I was, and that she will be a protector of the ones who are. I pray that she will learn that from her father, the protector who loves the people in his life so well."

Congrats to the happy couple on their exciting announcement! Share your kind wishes and prayers on Facebook. For other breaking news, the royal couple just announced the due date of their third child.

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