HGTV Star Announces He’s Ready to Settle Down with Wife, Planning for ‘3 or 4 Kids’

August 11, 2018Aug 11, 2018

Anyone familiar with “Property Brothers” knows Drew Scott. The HGTV star announced recently that he’d like to expand his family with his wife, Linda Phan.

Scott and Phan married in May, recently sharing how many kids they would like to have together.

“We’re thinking three or four kids, so I want to just have triplets! Get it out of the way,” Scott, 40, said, according to Fox News

“Linda even said, ‘How about two sets of twins? That’d be great!’ and I was, like, ‘You say that now, but let’s wait until that first set to see how you feel!” he added.

Quickly after marrying, Scott shared with his fans, “We’re excited to have kids. I think Linda and I will be great parents and we’re excited to start that chapter of our lives.”

Scott and Phan, 33, got engaged in 2016. Phan adjusted to her time with Scott easily, an architectural designer turned creative director for the Scott Brother’s company, Scott Brothers Global.

Scott’s brother, Jonathan, shared that he thinks his twin is going to be a great dad.

“I couldn’t think of two more wonderful people to be parents. I’m waiting for the day that I hear the announcement that they’re going to have kids. Wow, that’d mean I’m an uncle! That’ll take some getting used to.”

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