Here's What the 'Suspicious' Letter Addressed to Donald Trump Jr. Said

February 13, 2018Feb 13, 2018

On Monday, February 12th, a “suspicious” letter containing a white substance was sent to the home of President Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr. His wife, Vanessa Trump, opened the letter and was frightened by the substance and message inside the envelope.

As a precaution, Vanessa and two others present in the home at the time were taken to the hospital for examination. Fortunately, no one was harmed.

The message in the envelope, accompanied by the white substance, was released by authorities on Tuesday. According to the New York Post, the letter threatened Don. Jr.:

“You’re an awful person and now you get what you deserve.”

Fortunately, the unknown substance turned out to be cornstarch. However, it is clear that whoever sent the letter intended to scare the Trump family.

Don. Jr. and Vanessa share five children together: 10-year-old Kai Madison Trump, 8-year-old Donald Trump Jr. III, 6-year-old Tristan Milos Trump, 5-year-old Spencer Frederick Trump, and 3-year-old Chloe Sophia Trump.

As of Tuesday morning, it is unknown who sent the letter. Authorities previously revealed that the postage mark was from Boston, Massachusetts.

An investigation by the Secret Service is currently ongoing. If more details are released, this article will be updated accordingly.

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