Here's the Special Thing Trump Did for Melania's 48th Birthday, Mainstream Media Attacks Him

April 26, 2018Apr 26, 2018

On Thursday, April 26th, First Lady Melania Trump celebrated her 48th birthday! On the morning of her special day, President Trump appeared on Fox & Friends for a phone interview to discuss jobs, tax cuts, Kanye West, North Korea, James Comey, and other trending topics.

During the phone interview, Trump also wished his beloved wife a “happy birthday” and said it was a “very, very special day.” Fox hosts were curious as to what Trump got her as a gift, but the President had an unexpected response.

“Have you decided on or do you want to tell us what you got her?” one host asked.

“Well, I better not get into that because I may get in trouble; maybe I didn’t get her so much!” the President joked.

“I got her a beautiful card — You know, I’m very busy to be running around looking for presents, OK?” he said with a chuckle. “But I got her a beautiful card and some beautiful flowers.”

Trump also praised his wife’s efforts with the recent State Dinner, “And she did a fantastic job with France! I’ll tell you what — the people of France were spellbound by what happened with the great president who just left, Emmanuel. He is a wonderful guy.”

Despite his heartfelt gesture, the mainstream media attacked President Trump. Headlines from the New York Post and CNN only insisted that he was too busy to get her a birthday present, but conveniently left out his humorous remarks and the fact that he did get his wife a card and flowers. The NY Post also suggested that Trump was “stumbling over his words.”

Watch President Trump on Fox & Friends below:

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In related news, many prominent people, including Franklin Graham, poured out their support for First Lady Melania.

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