Here’s How Devon Sawa’s Marriage to Dawni Sahanovitch Was His Final Destination

Devon Sawa was one of the biggest teen heartthrobs of the ’90s thanks to starring roles in beloved movies like Little Giants Casper,AndNow and Then Actor, 43, continues to work as an actor, appearing in films like The Fanatic, Disturbing Peace, Black Friday. He also stars on the Syfy/USA Network Show. ChuckyThe classic is the basis for the. Child’s Play horror movie franchise. Sawa is dedicated to Dawni Sahanovitch, his wife and Hollywood star. Here’s everything you need to know about Devon Sawa’s wife and the family they share.

Who is Dawni Sahanovitch?”

Devon Sawa attends 5th Annual California Fire Foundation Gala at The Avalon Hollywood, Hollywood, CA on March 28, 2018
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Dawni Sahanovitch, a Canadian-born interior designer, is now a successful businesswoman. She is an entrepreneur. Dawni Sawa InteriorsCalabasas-based design firm,, offers full-service services. The company offers a wide range renovation and design services including home construction, remodeling, custom furniture design, staging, and many other services.

Sahanovitch worked before she started her own business as a TV producer, on reality shows like The Bachelor CanadaAnd Million Dollar Neighbourhood. On her company’s website, the entrepreneur explains that working in the fast-paced television industry helped prepare her for success as a designer and business owner. “From one demanding, fast-paced industry to another we use our experience to stay on schedule and most importantly within budget,” she writes.

Devon Sawa and Dawni Sahanovitch have been married since 2013

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 22: Devon Sawa and Dawni Sahanovitch attend the premiere of Quiver Distribution's "The Fanatic" at the Egyptian Theatre on August 22, 2019 in Hollywood, California.
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It is difficult to find out details about the meeting of Sawa and Sahanovitch. According to one of Sahanovitch’s Instagram posts, the couple was together for 12 years before tying the knot in 2013, which would mean they started dating in the early ‘00s. We also know that Sawa took a long break from acting during this period, after struggling to make the decision to continue his film career.

“At 25-years-old I stepped away from the business for five years and most of the time didn’t know whether I was going to come back or not,” Sawa said in a 2017 interview with Us magazine. “I had done a series of four or five indie movies that I wasn’t necessarily proud of. Some were horror movies. After Final Destination everybody wanted me to do horror movies and some weren’t as good as others. I was just burnt out.”

It’s also possible that Sawa let his personal life take precedence over his career at this time because he was happily dating Sahanovitch. Luckily for his fans, the former teen idol eventually made a return to acting, though it wasn’t intentional.  “I was brought back into the business by accident,” he told Us. “Somebody at my agency didn’t get the memo that I quit and sent me an audition and I put myself on tape and that was it.”

They have two children together

Sawa and Sahanovitch welcomed Hudson, their first child, into the world in 2014. While the couple kept the details about their son’s birth relatively quiet, Sawa did tell People magazine that the baby was “eight pounds, one ounce of pure love.” He also Tweeted about becoming a father, writing: “I love him. He’s my little pride and joy.”

A little more than a year later Sawa subtly stated to his Twitter followers that he was with Sahanovitch expecting a second child by teasing, “Boy, do I have some news. Or should I say ‘girl.’” The SLC Punk actor was clearly thrilled about giving Hudson a little sister, writing: “We are going to have some pretty kickass Barbie sessions around here!! Im’a fishtail that pink Corvette too. And Tea Parties for days, yo.”

Sahanovitch gave rise to Scarlett Heleena in December 2015. “My wife Dawni and I welcome a beautiful little girl into the world—our daughter,” the Nikita star told People. “Please say prayers that she is quiet and calm… Unlike my son, who would shoot himself out of a cannon if we let him.”

Sawa says that despite the fact that some of his ‘90s movies are perfect for little kids, his children have no interest in seeing their dad on the TV screen. In a hilarious tweet from 2020, the Final Destination star posted a picture of Scarlett asleep on the couch along with the caption: “When you put your first movie, Casper, on for your 4-year-old and she lets you know that you’re just dad to me, pal. And that’s the most important thing in life.”

TheNow and ThenAn actor shared a similar tale with Entertainment Tonight about what happened when he tried to show his kids the 1997 adventure flick he starred in with fellow ‘90s heartthrob, Jonathan Taylor Thomas. “We tried to watch this movie that I did called Wild America and they weren’t having it,” Sawa said. “They were not having dad up there. They wanted to turn it off and we haven’t revisited any of my films since.”

Maybe when they get a little older, Sawa’s kids WillIt was cool that their dad was in an Eminem Video.