Here's What Happened in Texas During Trump's National Prayer Day

September 05, 2017Sep 05, 2017

Last week Donald Trump signed a declaration that Sunday September 3 would be a national prayer day for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Both President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence wanted to show their solidarity with those suffering from Hurricane Harvey, and insisted that the entire country unite behind them in a common day of prayer. 

It was a way of bringing the country together during a time of crisis. And for Christians, it meant asking for God's healing and blessing upon the suffering people of Texas. 

The governor of Texas pulled through in supporting President Trump's request that the country come together in prayer. Governor Greg Abbott urged Texans of all faiths, religious traditions, and backgrounds to pray for the safety of the state's first responders, officers, and military personnel. He also requested that Texans pray for the quick healing of all individuals impacted by the storm, for the quick rebuilding of communities, and for the restoration of the region. 

“Throughout our history, Texans have been strengthened, assured and lifted up through prayer,” Abbott said according to LifeSite News. “And it is right and fitting that the people of Texas should join with their fellow residents and with others from across the country and around the world to seek God’s wisdom for ourselves and our leaders and ask for His merciful intervention and healing in this time of crisis.”

“It doesn’t matter what faith or religion or belief that you have. This is a time for Texans and Americans to unite and pray for thanksgiving for those who have risked their lives,” Abbott told Fox News. “The first responders and volunteers who’ve supported our fellow Texans, but also pray for the victims of this horrific storm. And we want to unite as one state and one nation.”

Consequently, thousands of Texans prayed for the quick recovery of their state.

Last week, Vice President Mike Pence and his wife prayed alongside Franklin Graham for victims. Pence also urged all Americans to pray for the victims and their families. On top of praying, President Trump has pledged that he will donate $1 million dollars to the rebuilding effort.

Even though Sunday may have passed, it still isn't too late to pray for the victims and their families. Join Faith, Family, America in praying for the victims and their families. Perhaps today, in our own personal prayers, we can ask God to be with the people of Texas.

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