These 6 Words are Why Thousands of Americans Think Oprah Will Run for President

January 08, 2018Jan 08, 2018

On Sunday night, hundreds of actors and actresses gathered in California for the 75th Golden Globe Award Ceremony. The theme amongst the stars this year was "Time's Up," in line with the #MeToo movement. 

Many of the actresses and actors wore all black in honor of the movement, to show solidarity and that sexual harassment will no longer be tolerated in Hollywood. Many of the speeches given by award winners had to do with the movement as well. 

One speech that has received a lot of attention was Oprah Winfrey's. She won the Cecil B. DeMille award and noted that she is the first black woman to receive the honor. After her monumental speech, thousands of Americans took to social media to talk about it. Now, many people believe that Oprah will be running for president in 2020. 

While the thought of Oprah running for president is not new, fans believe that her Golden Globes speech was a subtle hint that she will actually be doing it. 

In her speech, Oprah talked about her life experiences, as well as various pioneers including Sidney Poitier, Rosa Parks, and Recy Taylor. She also talked about the #MeToo movement and about the acknowledgment of harassment toward women in the workplace. Next, she made a statement that fans are believing was the equivalent of, "I'm running for president."

She said, "So I want all the girls watching here and now to know that a new day is...on...the...horizon." The last four words included a dramatic pause for emphasis. As she said them, she fist punched the air, a symbol that the Daily Wire noted is consistent with politicians. 

Now, #Oprah2020 has taken over Twitter. Thousands of users have commented on the speech and have said that Oprah is definitely running for president after her speech. Additionally, multiple mainstream media sources have claimed that she will be running. 

NBC News tweeted a link to her speech with the caption, "Nothing but respect for OUR future president. #GoldenGlobes." Below is the full speech from the Golden Globes.

What do you think about this? Was her speech enough to make you believe that Oprah will be running in 2020? Let us know your thoughts about it! In other recent news, fans are outraged over the "hypocritical" outfit that one famous actress wore at the Golden Globes.

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