Here's Why The FBI Is Asking For Franklin Graham's Help

February 11, 2016Feb 11, 2016


UPDATE AT 11:57 a.m. PST — After a very tense period of negotiation with the final occupier, David Fry, who appeared ready to shoot himself while speaking publicly on a live stream audio feed, has peacefully surrendered. Latest updates are here.




If you've been following the Oregon standoff, you know that it's been going on a lot longer than people anticipated. A group of protesters camped out at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on Jan. 2 to oppose federal land-use policies. Now four people remain, and the FBI and other law enforcement are trying desperately to end this standoff in a peaceful manner.

At the protesters request, the FBI contacted Reverend Franklin Graham to help end the standoff.  Here on his Facebook page, Franklin Graham gives a latest update and a request for prayer.


You can get up-to-date reporting on the standoff at

Will you pray for a peaceful resolution to the situation in Oregon? Post your prayer in the Comments! God hears you, and we want to agree with you! Thank you so much!