Here's What President Trump Wants You To Know on Thanksgiving

November 23, 2017Nov 23, 2017

Though President Trump is away from the White House, he is still taking time to address Americans about the future of the country. Through Twitter, the president reflected on the past and talked about the wins that the nation has experienced in the past year.

President Trump tweeted, “HAPPY THANKSGIVING, your Country is starting to do really well. Jobs coming back, highest Stock Market EVER, Military getting really strong, we will build the WALL, V.A. taking care of our Vets, great Supreme Court Justice, RECORD CUT IN REGS, lowest unemployment in 17 years….!”

He then said a simple, “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

Later in the morning, President Trump added a video to his Twitter account. He included the video with the simple caption, “HAPPY THANKSGIVING!”

During the video, Trump addressed the catastrophes that have affected our nation in the last year.

He said, “We pray for the Americans impacted by the devastating storms and wildfires that struck our nation. We mourn for the victims of the horrible shootings that stole so many innocent lives. And we thank God for the police, firefighters, paramedics and rescue workers who put themselves in harm’s way to save others.”

The president completed the video by talking about the wins he mentioned in his previous tweet. He mentioned the stock market, the unemployment rate, and other values.

He said, “We are doing something very special. People are feeling it. The enthusiasm in this country has never been higher. We are very very happy on this Thanksgiving day.”

Below is the video:

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