Here's What President Trump Said About Having Oprah As His Vice President

January 08, 2018Jan 08, 2018

At the 75th Golden Globe Awards, Oprah Winfrey made what some are calling a "speech of a lifetime." The TV talk show host talked about the progression of the #MeToo campaign, pioneers from the past, and a brighter future. 

After her speech, thousands of Americans said that her words implied that she would be running for president in 2020. The potential of Oprah running for president has been the central topic of mainstream media since her speech. 

While many people are supportive of Oprah running and think that she could have a chance at the presidency, many others are upset over the idea. Many of those opposed to Oprah would like to see President Trump get re-elected in 2020. 

Now, an interesting video has emerged in light of the current conversation. The video is from 1999 and features Donald Trump on an interview with Larry King. At the time, Trump was considering running for president in 2000 under a third party. 

When King asked Trump if he had a vice presidential candidate in mind, he gave this surprising answer:

"Well, I really haven't gotten quite there yet. Oprah. I love Oprah. Oprah would always be my first choice."

King questioned Trump's statement and asked for clarification.

Trump responded, "You know what? I tell you, she's really a great woman, though. She is a terrific woman. She is somebody that is very special. I have not even thought about it. I guess we'll see. Maybe that's part of the whole process."

King furthered the conversation and asked if Trump would seriously consider having Oprah as a running mate. 

Trump said, "If she'd do it, she'd be fantastic. I mean, she's popular, she's brilliant, she's a wonderful woman. I mean, if she would ever do it. I don't know that she would ever do it. She's got, you know...She would be sort of like me. I mean, I have a lot of things going, she's got a lot of things going."

Below is the portion of the interview:

In another interview in 2015, President Trump told ABC's George Stephanopoulos that he still thought that Oprah would be great and that he'd "love to have Oprah." 

It is apparent that at this point, President Trump and Oprah's differences have widened and it would not make much sense for them to run together. In 1999, however, and even in 2015, Trump thought that it could be a good match. Some have pointed out that President Trump has become significantly more conservative than he was in 1999, and therefore believe that the interview is irrelevant. 

Rush Limbaugh made a significant point about the interview as well. He noted that after the 1999 and the 2015 interviews, Trump received a vast amount of backlash from the Left for saying that Oprah would do a good job. They said that his suggestion of Oprah indicated that he was not serious about the presidency. 

Now, a little over two years later, the same people that bashed President Trump for suggesting Oprah as a viable option for the vice presidency are in full support of her running for president. 

Whether Oprah decides to run for president or not, Limbaugh noted the hypocrisy coming from many of those now supporting her. What do you think about this? Share your opinion with us! In other recent news, a country music legend is asking for prayers over a tragic fall and broken hip.

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