Here's What May Happen to the Massive Reward After Jayme Closs Escaped from Her Kidnapper

January 15, 2019Jan 15, 2019

Last week, missing 13-year-old Jayme escaped from her kidnapper after being held for 88 days. It was an amazing feat of bravery by the young girl, whose parents were murdered when she was kidnapped.

Now authorities are deciding what to do with a $50,000 reward for information that led to her safe return. The reward was offered by the FBI and Jennie-O Turkey Store.

Milwaukee FBI spokesman Leonard Peace said Tuesday that the reward remains under review. Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald also said where the reward will go is being discussed with the FBI and will be determined later.

The FBI offered a $25,000 reward on October 24 for information about Jayme's whereabouts. The Jennie-O Turkey Store, where James and Denise Closs worked, later doubled the amount to $50,000.

Last Thursday, Jayme approached a woman walking her dog near the small northwestern Wisconsin town of Gordon. The woman, Jeanne Nutter, took Jayme to the home of Peter and Kristin Kasinskas, who called 911.

Peter Kasinskas, whose home is about 60 miles from Jayme's hometown of Barron, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the couple does not want the reward. He says if anyone gets it, Jayme should because "She got herself out."

Authorities arrested and charged a 21-year-old man, Jake Thomas Patterson, in her abduction and her parents' deaths.