Here's What Hillary Clinton Just Said About Melania Trump

September 20, 2017Sep 20, 2017

Hillary Clinton just said that Melania Trump isn't doing enough to fight cyberbullying, which is something that the first lady pledged to oppose during the 2016 campaign. This remark comes in the midst of widespread publicity over Clinton's new book "What Happened," where the former presidential candidate provides a first-hand narrative of how she lost the election.

"No, no, and, look, I don't think anybody is doing enough on cyberbullying," said Clinton according to the Washington Examiner

Clinton's remarks weren't necessarily hostile, although they were clearly intended to take aim at the first lady, who remarked in November that "our culture has gotten too mean and too rough, especially to children and teenagers." 

First ladies generally take up a cause while they are in the White House. First Lady Michelle Obama, for instance, launched an initiative to combat childhood obesity during her time in the White House. She also replaced the traditional food pyramid with a food plate, which outlined proper nutritional balance and food groups.

According to a Fox News poll conducted this summer, Melania is more popular than Clinton. Despite the low approval ratings of her husband President Donald Trump, the first lady's popularity has been blossoming. 

Melania's approval rating was 55% in July, an increase of 16% since last August. When Clinton was the first lady, she did not have as high approval ratings as Melania, and she also lagged behind her husband, former President Bill Clinton. 

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