Here's What Happened to the Emmys for Bashing Trump

September 18, 2017Sep 18, 2017

Everyone knew that the Emmys were going to be an event filled with liberal elites taking the microphone to bash President Trump. This was especially expected after the decision to hire Stephen Colbert, a notorious Trump critic and partisan comedian, to be the host. Indeed, Colbert himself made very clear that he planned to place criticism of Donald Trump at the very center of the awards event, despite the fact that the vast majority of the country does not want the Emmys to be filled with liberal politics.

Now it appears that they are paying the price: fewer people are watching. And that's to be expected. After all, anybody can predict that it's a bad idea for liberal celebrities to take the mic for several hours to talk about politics and to tell their audiences that they're idiots for being conservatives or voting for Donald Trump.

According to one website, the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards is looking at new all-time low preliminary ratings. Scoring an 8.2/14 in metered market rating, the show has gone down from the 8.4/13 that ABC and Jimmy Kimmel had one year ago. A total of 11.3 million total viewers were expected to watch last time, which is also an all-time record low. These ratings surely aren't enough to say that the Emmys this year are a flop, but they do mean that a significant number of Americans really do find the liberal politics of the Emmys sufficient reason not to turn in.  

It also highlights the growing rift in America between grassroots America and liberal elites, especially in the media and in Hollywood.

"The Emmys have lost 50% of their audience since 2013 and the lowest ratings since 1990, and last night’s extravaganza certainly didn’t turn the ship around," remarks one commentator. "One could blame the plethora of TV choices viewers have, including streaming, but those didn’t arrive only in 2014. Consumers have had lots of choice for two decades or more, and yet the sharp decline only started in the past few years."

And once again, this is easily predictable. In the opinion of this author, Hollywood seems to be under the delusion that their political and cultural views represent the majority of Americans. The rest of America, however, is under no such delusion. Rather than take a night to celebrate their own accomplishments and promote their new endeavors, they treat the night as a liberal political rally. 

In breaking news, Sean Spicer, the former communications director for Donald Trump, made a surprise appearance at the Emmys.  

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