Robert Jeffress Gives Powerful Message Days After Anti-Gun March

March 27, 2018Mar 27, 2018

Breaking Christian News writes that this year's "March for Eternal Life" was a great success, despite receiving virtually no coverage from the mainstream media.

Like last year's, this event saw people of all ages, including many young people, marching together and holding aloft palm branches in commemoration of Palm Sunday. 

A central visual display of the march was the 16 foot tall by 11 foot brightly colored cross. The cross was carried by a throng and was erected for the event in a place of prominence in the park. 

Award-winning actress Sandi Patty performed at the event. And many leading pastors addressed the crowd. Dr. Robert Jeffress, for instance, spoke to the crowd that he was thrilled to be at such a "positive march with a positive message — God loves us, He's not mat at us, and He invites us into a personal relationship with Him." 

According to Jeffress, "The timing of the 'March for Eternal Life' couldn't have been better. As a country, Americans marched this weekend for all kinds of causes. As a congregation, we marched to celebrate and to share with our city, our state, our nation and the entire world the message of Jesus Christ is the only hope for our world."

Fox News writes that the March for Eternal Life came only days after thousands took to the street to match for gun control and school safety measures at the federal level. 

According to reports, the march is intended to coincide with Palm Sunday, which commemorates Christ's entry into Jerusalem prior to his Passion, which concludes with his Easter resurrection. 

"We need to change people's behaviors, and that can only happen with a change of heart. We believe only the Gospel of Christ can do that," Jeffress said, according to Fox News. 

While speaking at the rally, Jeffress asserted that "for the last 70 years, secularists have done everything they can to have a crusade against public acknowledgment of God in the public square."

He continued, "Secularists have basically engaged in an experiment to say, 'Is it possible for America to be good without God?' I will say that experiment has been a dismal failure. We believe that the last 70 years has sent our nation downward spiritually and that it is time for us as Christians to say that we believe that turning back to God is the answer to our nation's problems, not to turn away from God."

Those who attended the event were hailed by Jeffress as "examples of Christians who take a public stance for their faith being publicly shamed."

"We think that it is time for Christians to lovingly and boldly say, 'I am not ashamed of the Gospel,'" Jeffress said, according to the Christian Post

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