Here's The Surprising Reason Why President Trump Uses A Different Microphone Than Any Past President

July 07, 2017Jul 07, 2017

The reason why President Trump has chosen this microphone set up is because it helps to project his voice much better than traditional set-ups.

The new microphone gives him about 21 decibels of gain compared to prior presidents. His microphone gives his voice 4 times the power as compared to President Bush or Obama.


Also, President Trump is a tall, large man. Standing at 6'3", President Trump stands at a much farther distance than others. During the debate with Hillary Clinton, who is much shorter, President Trump had to lean down and speak into the microphone in order to have the same loudness as Hillary.

Reporters and photographers have complained about the change because it makes President Trump much harder to see from camera angles. however, it appears his new way is here to stay.

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