Here's the Main NFL Team Still Continuing the National Anthem Protests

December 20, 2017Dec 20, 2017

Protests during the national anthem have been occurring for the past 15 weeks. And according to CNS News, the majority of recent protesters have come from one single team: The Seattle Seahawks. 

Here is a list, originally published by CNS News:

Seattle Seahawks (12): Defensive limen Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett, Nazair Jones, Dion Jordan, Sheldon Richardson, Marcus Smith III, Quinton Jefferson, Jarran Reed, Frank Clark and Branden Jackson and linebacker Paul Dawson all sat during the Anthem. Tackle Duane Brown knelt.

San Francisco 49ers (4): Safety Eric Reid, receiver Marquise Goodwin, linebacker Eli Harold and receiver Louis Murphy knelt during the National Anthem.

Oakland Raiders (1): Running back Marshawn Lynch remained seated during the National Anthem.

Tennessee Titans (1): Wide receiver Rishard Matthews stayed in the locker room during the playing of the Anthem.

Los Angeles Rams (1): Linebacker Robert Quinn raised a fist in protest during the Anthem.

New York Giants (1): Defensive end Olivier Vernon knelt during the Anthem.

Miami Dolphins (1): Wide receiver Kenny Stills and tight end Julius Thomas took a knee during the Anthem.

Los Angeles Chargers (1): Left tackle Russell Okung raised a fist in protest during the Anthem.

Kansas City Chiefs (1): Cornerback Marcus Peters stayed in the tunnel until after the Anthem had finished playing.

The protest controversy occurred when Colin Kaepernick began to protest for purposes of racial injustice and police brutality, according to the Daily Caller. It wasn't until Donald Trump recommended NFL owners fire players who kneel during national anthem protests that the subject blew into a national controversy.

Trump's comment occurred in a political rally for Alabama Senate candidate Luther Strange in September, when it occurred to him that protests were occurring in very high numbers.

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