Here's the Latest News About Franklin Graham

June 07, 2018Jun 07, 2018

Franklin Graham is one of the most iconic pastors of our generation! He is the son to the late Billy Graham and he is working extremely hard to carry on the legacy of his wonderful father.

Recently, Franklin has been really active on social media! A lot of our readers are interested in his daily life and we've compiled his latest posts to keep you clued in on Franklin.

He recently shared an amazing picture of his father from the 1970s. The pair look so young!

"Here’s a picture of my father @BillyGraham and me from 1970. My new book, Through My Father’s Eyes, contains some of the lessons I learned from him. While I miss my father greatly, I look forward to the day we’re reunited once again," he wrote.

Franklin has also been keeping busy by helping to run the Samaritans Purse Organization. They have been doing great work around the world to bring joy and God's grace to people in need.

"Appreciate the community coming out to welcome our military couples to Alaska for week #2 of @SamaritansPurse #OperationHealOurPatriots earlier this week! Will you join us in praying for them?" wrote Franklin in a recent post on Twitter.

Franklin has also been busy with his bus tour around California. They have been preaching the Gospel and apparently enjoying some of the local burger joints!

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