Here's the Funniest Tweets About Adam Levine's Tattoos, Fans Make Hilarious Comparison

February 04, 2019Feb 04, 2019

Adam Levine is the lead singer for Maroon 5. On Sunday, the band played one of the biggest gigs on the planet: the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Adam started off by singing some of the band's hit songs on a stage in the shape of a Gian "M" for Maroon 5. As he continued playing, he kept taking off pieces of his clothing. His tattoos ultimately went viral and fans started commenting on them.

Below are some of the funniest posts about his tattoos! We sure got a good laugh out of reading these!

"Levine has yet to publicly comment on his alleged resemblance to fast-food bags or upholstery. The Thursday before the halftime show, however, he did break his silence regarding the backlash over the band’s decision to play the gig, largely due to artists protesting the NFL over kneeling controversies, and the league’s treatment of Colin Kaepernick," wrote Fox News.

"No one thought about it more than I did," Levine said of the decision to take the Super Bowl stage. "No one put more thought and love into this than I did. ... I spoke to many people, most importantly though, I silenced all the noise and listened to myself, and made my decision about how I felt."

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