Here's the Answers to the Grammar Quiz!

December 13, 2017Dec 13, 2017

(NOTE: If you haven't taken the grammar quiz, take it right here before reading these answers.)

A new quiz has been sweeping the internet and going viral. Take a look at the 10 questions below and see if you can correctly answer these grammar questions! The correct answers have been highlighted and hyperlinked for your convenience. Share with your friends!

Look at the 10 questions below. Identify the grammar mistakes and decide on which choice uses proper grammar.

1) Its hot outside. It hot outside. It's hot outside.

2) My dog is going to lay down. My dog is going to lie down. My dog is going to ley down.

3) Want to come over! Want to come over? Want to come over.

4) They're the best. There the best. Their the best.

5) How's you're father doing? Hows your father doing? How's your father doing?

6) You've effected me greatly. Youve effected me greatly. You've affected me greatly.

7) Want to work with me and Randy? Want to work with Randy and I? Want to work with Randy and me?

8) Did that peaak your interest? Did that peek your interest? Did that pique your interest?

9) Lets get together soon! Let's get together soon! Lets get, together soon!

10) He took their grammer quiz and its super easy! He took their grammar quiz and it's super easy! He took there grammar quiz and it's super easy!

So, how well do you think you did?! Let us know how many you got correct by commenting on our Facebook page! Be sure to share this quiz on your own page and challenge your friends!

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