Here's the Adorable Reason Why Trump Will Honor a 12-Yr-Old at State of the Union

January 30, 2018Jan 30, 2018

On Tuesday, January 30, President Trump will deliver his first State of the Union address. Hundreds of top politicians, reporters,  and other esteemed guests will join President Trump and First Lady Melania at the U.S. Capitol. 

On Monday, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced the special guests that the president and first lady have invited to the event. The list includes war veterans, law enforcement officials, manufacturers, and other "heroic" American citizens. 

One of the special guests is a 12-year-old boy. President Trump and First Lady Melania invited 12-year-old Preston Sharp and will publicly honor him at tonight's address. 

The young boy is from Redding, California. When he was 10, he decided to honor U.S. Veterans in a special way by placing flags or flowers on their graves.

The White House statement said, "Preston Sharp was visiting his veteran grandfather's grave in 2015 when he noticed that other local veterans were not being honored with American flags or flowers."

As a 10-year-old, Sharp started the Flag and Flower Challenge, a move to get flags and red carnations to veterans' graves across all 50 states. 

The White House said, "Today, Preston has organized the placement of more than 40,000 American flags and red carnations on soldiers' graves."

Sharp said, "I knew I wanted to do something, because if it wasn't for them fighting for us then we wouldn't be here."

Breitbart noted that not only had Preston started a move to get flowers and flags in various gravesites, he also raised money in order to help with the upkeep of the soldiers' graves. 

What do you think about the people that President Trump and First Lady Melania are choosing to honor at their first State of the Union address? Let us know your thoughts! Some politicians are not happy about the State of the Union address. Here are the people boycotting the address.

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