Here's How to Watch the Royal Wedding

May 17, 2018May 17, 2018

On the morning of May 19, what is probably the biggest royal wedding for the next decade will take place. Prince Harry, who is sixth in line for the throne, will marry American actress Meghan Markle. The wedding festivities will bring together 600 guests at Windsor Castle. Countless other fans of the royal family will gather in the streets to catch a glimpse of the royal couple. 

You might not be able to be in London for the wedding, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on the fun. If you're willing to get up early, you can stream wedding right here on our website. 

Here is the schedule of events so you know exactly when you need to wake up. All the times are in Eastern Time, while those in parentheses are in local time. Details are courtesy of The Telegraph

  • 4 a.m. ET (9 local time): Charity workers, local school children, employees of the queen, and other special attendees nominated by authorities to be present will arrive inside the grounds of Windsor Castle. 
  • 4:30 a.m. ET (9:30): The buses carrying the guests who received invitations to attend the ceremony at St. George’s Chapel will begin arriving on site.
  • 6:20 a.m. EDT (11:20): Members of the royal family will begin to arrive. Some will be on foot, others will arrive by car.
  • 7 a.m. ET (noon): The service will begin. It lasts about an hour.
  • 8 a.m. ET (1 p.m.): The service will conclude. Harry and Meghan will exit the church together, greeting their guests and then embarking on a 25-minute procession before going to the reception at St. George's Hall in the castle.

If you'd prefer to watch on your TV, here's where you can watch. 

  • ABC—"Good Morning America" has a five-hour edition covering the wedding starting at 5 a.m. ET.  "20/20" will cover the royal wedding with hour-long specials on Friday and Saturday at 10 ET. 
  • BBC America—The U.S. version of the United Kingdom's BBC will air the wedding live at 4:15 a.m ET. A repeat will air again at 10 p.m. ET. 
  • CBS—coverage of the wedding starts at 4 a.m. ET. There will also present a two-hour special "Royal Romance: The Marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle" at 8 p.m. ET on Saturday.
  • CBSN—coverage begins at 4 a.m. ET. 
  • CNN—their live coverage from Windsor will begin at 4 a.m. ET. In addition to the usual commentators, they have Boston University dean Harvey Young, who was Markle’s theater professor at Northwestern University.
  • E!—coverage starts at 5 a.m. ET. E! Royal Wedding Rundown will air at 7 p.m. ET.
  • Fox News—Fox & Friends’ Ainsley Earhardt will co-host the live coverage beginning at 5 a.m. ET.
  • HBO—coverage starts at 7:30 a.m. ET with Saturday Night Live alums Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon playing their parody characters, “broadcast legends” Cord and Tish, chronicling the nuptials in real time. A prime-time replay will air at 9:45 ET.

Are you planning on getting up to see the wedding? Let us know in the comments. In less joyous news, Meghan Markle issued a tragic statement today about the wedding.


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