Here's How Queen Elizabeth Responded to Her Granddaughter's Engagement

January 22, 2018Jan 22, 2018

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank announced their engagement Monday morning. The Princess shared the details of their engagement and how her royal grandmother responded during an interview BBC 1, reported People

Eugenie, who is 27, showed off her dazzling pink sapphire engagement ring. The couple also spoke about her seven-year relationship and how Jack, 31, proposed.

Jack proposed during a trip to Nicaragua earlier this month. He didn't have a ring at the time because he “didn’t want to do anything until Eugenie had signed off on it.”

However, he had selected a gorgeous padparadscha sapphire stone. When they returned to the U.K., they designed the ring together.

Princess Eugenie revealed about the proposal: “The lake was so beautiful. The light was just a special light I had never seen. I actually said, ‘This is an incredible moment,’ and then he popped the question, which was really surprising even though we have been together seven years."

She continued, “I was over the moon. [It was a] complete surprise. But it was the perfect moment, we couldn’t be happier.”

Jack, who got down on one knee for the proposal, added, “It was amazing. I love Eugenie so much, and we’re very happy.”

The princess added that her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, is very happy for the couple.

“Granny actually knew right at the beginning [of the engagement]. She was very happy, as was my grandfather [Prince Philip].”

The couple met seven years ago in Verbier, Switzerland. Eugenie said it was “love at first sight," and Jack agreed.

“We met when I was 20, he was 24,” she said. “[We] fell in love. We have the same passions and drive for life.”

Jack also commented on how it feels to be joining the royal family. He said that it’s “very, very special to be a part of your family now.” However, he doesn't think it will change this.

“[We'll continue to be] just Jack and Euge, I suppose.”

Eugenie also had glowing things to say about his family: "They’re really wonderful people,” she said. “Seven years, you get to know people pretty well. They’re already sort of parents and brother.”

The couple will wed in Fall 2018. She says she'll start planning tomorrow. Here are the full details of their engagement. 


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