Here's How Much Trump Has Raised For Re-Election

April 16, 2018Apr 16, 2018

President Trump's campaign for re-election in 2020 has raised a total of $10 million for the first quarter of 2018. This brings the campaign's total fundraising haul to $28 million, according to Breitbart News.

Trump's campaign had $22 million cash on hand by the end of 2017, but it only spent $3.0 million during the first quarter of 2018. Currently, the Republican National Committee is raising money for the GOP congressional candidates who are running in the 2018 midterms.

Trump has been raising money for his re-election campaign since the day of his inauguration, in hopes of building a fundraising base of small donors who will, he hopes, propel him to victory. Many of these small donors are the same individuals who previously donated to his 2016 campaign. Part of Trump's strategy, implies Breitbart, was capitalizing off the momentum of his 2016 victory, in order to raise money for re-election. 

The Hill writes that Senator Elizabeth Warren has officially raised more than $3 million in 2018 and has a total of $15 million cash on hand. 

Warren's fundraising began to surge last year when she raised nearly $1 million per month ahead of November's midterms. The senator's upcoming federal campaign filing report, which is due on Sunday, is expected to show that the majority of her donations are coming from smaller donors, providing to her less than $100. 

This goes to show that among those in the Democrat Party, Senator Warren is attaining widespread support that can, if she desires, translate into being a frontrunner in her party for the 2020 presidential election. 

The senator's campaign (for Senate, not the Oval Office) estimates that more than 10,400 of the small contributions came from Massachusetts residents, although it has not said how much of Warren's donations have come from outside of the state. 

Market Watch reports that a significant amount of Trump's money for re-election is being spent — and is expected to be spent — on legal fees. In fact, the Trump campaign has spent about roughly 3 million in the first quarter, with almost $835,000 going to eight law firms and the Trump Corp. 

The Trump campaign also spent a significant amount of money on legal fees in 2017 as well. 

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