Here's How Melania is Preparing for a Spectacular Christmas at the White House

November 22, 2017Nov 22, 2017

Every year, the First Lady is responsible for overseeing all things Christmas at the White House. This typically includes picking out a theme, accepting the Christmas tree, and hosting events for children filled with holiday-inspired arts and crafts.

This year is a monumental year at the White House, as President Trump has made it evident that the word "Christmas" will be celebrated instead of shunned. Throughout his campaign, Trump said that he was excited to spend his first December in the highest office freely saying "Merry Christmas!"

Now, all eyes are on Melania as she prepares for the big Christmas decoration reveal. The FLOTUS has given only a few hints on her Twitter account about what this year's decor will look like.

On Monday, Melania and Barron stood outside of the White House to accept this year's official Christmas tree. A horse-drawn wagon pulled up to the house carrying a 19 1/2-foot Balsam fir. 

The growers of the tree were present for the delivery as well. Jim and Diane Chapman own a Wisconsin Christmas Tree Farm. According to ABC, they won an annual contest by the National Christmas Tree Association. 

First Lady Melania told them, "This is a beautiful tree. Thank you so much. We will decorate it very nicely. I hope you can come and visit with us."

On Wednesday, Melania gave us another look into Christmas preparations at the White House. She tweeted several photos of decorating the tree and wreath, as well as meeting with the chefs and bakers for her upcoming event.

The final holiday decor is set to be revealed next Monday. That day, Melania will host an event for children and students from Joint Base Andrews for arts and crafts. The National Christmas Tree is set to be lit on Thursday. 

What do you think? What will Melania choose for this year's theme? In other news, Rand Paul's wife is speaking out after her husband's assault, criticizing the media's response. 

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