Here's How All the Senators Voted on Kavanaugh in First Vote

October 05, 2018Oct 05, 2018

On Friday, the Senate held a procedural vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The results are in 51-49 to move his nomination forward to a final floor vote.

All of the Senators voted along party lines except for two. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, who one of four undecided key senators, voted against advancing Kavanaugh in a procedural vote.

On the other hand, one Democrat also broke party lines. Sen. Joe Manchin D-West Virginia, voted to advance Kavanaugh's nomination. His vote gave the Republicans the 51 votes they needed in order to avoid needing Vice President Mike Pence's tie-breaking vote.

Other swing vote senators Jeff Flake R-Arizona and Susan Collins R-Maine also voted to move forward the nomination. This seemed to be the vote both of them were leaning toward on Thursday after reading the FBI report.

However, as CBS notes, these votes do not necessarily mean those senators will vote that way in the final vote. Sometimes Senators vote to move a bill or motion to the floor for voting before voting no. This is something that Senator John McCain was known to do.

The first floor vote on Kavanaugh Friday took place one day after Republicans and Democrats reviewed the FBI report into the assault allegations brought against Kavanaugh.

The final vote can take place as early as Saturday, but it may be delayed if the Republicans are not confident they have the votes to confirm. Sen. Steve Daines, a Montana Republican, will be gone to attend his daughter's wedding back home.

The final confirmation vote on Kavanaugh would occur 30 hours after this vote. Those 30 hours can be used to debate if the parties choose to do so.


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