Here's A New One: The Stoner Jesus Bible Study

December 05, 2015Dec 05, 2015

This Colorado Bible study, as one person tweeted, "gives new meaning to the term 'holy roller.'"

Perhaps it's hard to believe, or maybe it's not surprising at all, but according to CBS4 out of Denver, a group of people gets together regularly to study the Bible while passing around legalized joints.

The members of the Stoner Jesus Bible Study say getting high gives them an experience non-smoking members of Bible studies miss out on. Their comments during a televised interview best describe it.


A new member said, "Worshiping high allows people to relax and better understand the Bible."

Another member, who says he's turned away from a life of alcoholism and narcotics addition, commented, "It's like we get really deep into spirituality. Like deeper than I've ever been able to get before. It's just the perfect setting for it."

One woman described studying while high by saying, "I think that you have a deeper thought process, which makes you understand [the Bible] better."

Another woman elaborated, "When we're stoned, we're all over the place, and we're brought to — you know — the right goal."

The group leader describes the group, saying, "To be kind and loving and to have mercy for other people. Not be judgmental. And I think that's one of the reason we like the 420 crowd so much. Just because we are, I think, a little bit more open-minded.

Another man concluded, "I heard [a passage of the Bible] over and over again, and it didn't click. And then at one point [with marijuana], it clicked."

Whether you're pro- or anti-marijuana, should Bible studies and smoking pot together mix?