Here's a Look Inside Trump's New Budget Proposal

February 12, 2018Feb 12, 2018

President Trump made headlines on Monday morning after he released his 2019 budget proposal. It included a notable increase in military spending, border spending, and money to combat the opioid crisis. 

According to NBC News, Trump's budget also includes a reduction in certain entitlement spendings. 

The Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said that the 2019 budget was intended to include cuts in appropriate areas. Trump's budget, points out Mulvaney, does not attempt to balance the federal budget, but instead proposes increases in spending to departments of Homeland Security, Veteran Affairs, and Defense. 

Meanwhile, departments such as State, Labor, and House and Urban Development will see reductions. 

Entitlement spending programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, and food stamp programs would also not see an increase in funding.

Moreover, Trump's budget proposal would also request $200 billion in federal funding toward the administration's proposed $1.5 trillion infrastructure effort. 

NBC News points out that Trump's budget proposal last year came under fire from many in his party for proposing to cut the State Department, while not simultaneously calling for increases in spending to the Department of Defense. 

Politico reports that the White House proposal for 2019 lays out a $3.6 trillion plan for deficit reduction while also calling for hundreds of billions more to be pumped into the Pentagon.

It appears that the single biggest shift in Trump's budget — when compared with last year's budget — is his willingness to increase spending at the Pentagon. Last year, Trump's proposed a substantial cut to the Pentagon, which was then criticized by defense hawks in his own party. This year, as a result, Trump is proposing to increase spending in this area. 

Overall, however, Politico reports that the core of Trump's budget remains the same as last year. The administration is showing a strong priority on border security — proposing an increase in funding to hire 1,000 more patrol agents and immigration officers — and a strong priority toward national defense.

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