Here Are the Victims of Horrific Newsroom Shooting, Prayers for Families Requested

June 29, 2018Jun 29, 2018

On Thursday, June 28, a fatal shooting took place at a newspaper office in Maryland. The shooting took place at the Capital Gazette, and resulted in five deaths.

Now, Jarrod Warren Ramos, a man who had once filed a defamation suit against the Capital Gazette, has been charged with five counts of first-degree murder.

According to CNN,  Ramos will have a bail hearing at 10:30 a.m. ET. He was discovered by police on Thursday after the shooting hiding under a desk, after he had opened fire and thrown smoke grenades around the building.

Sadly, five people lost their lives in this tragedy. Below are the five victims.

Wendi Winters

65-year-old Wendi was the editor and community reporter at the newspaper. She was a beloved member of the community and had longtime experience in journalism. Additionally, she was an active volunteer and member of her church.

Her daughter said, “My mother was a wonderful woman and a fantastic reporter. Her life was a gift to everyone who knew her and the world will not be the same without her. We are grieving and trying to make sure all of us can be together to celebrate the life of our mother.

Robert Hiaasen

59-year-old Robert was an assistant editor for the newspaper. He had worked for the company for eight years at the time of his death. He was known as “Big Rob” for his stature but was recognized as someone who was “gentle and funny” with a “remarkable heart and humor.”

Gerald Wischmann

61-year-old Gerald had been working for the Gazette for over 25 years. An award-winning journalist, many people knew him as being a well of knowledge.

Retired editor Brian Henley said, “He had an encyclopedia knowledge of everything from the philosophy to who knows what.”

John McNamara

56-year-old John had several roles at the Gazette and had been a part of the team for over 20 years. He held an interest in local history and sports, and even wrote two books combining the two subjects.

Sports editor Gerry Jackson said, “At a small paper like that, you have to be versatile. He could write. He could edit. He could design pages. He was just a jack of all trades and a fantastic person.”

Rebecca Smith

34-year-old Rebecca was a sales assistant for the paper. According to her Facebook profile, Smith was a “dog mom, softball fiance, and bonus mom to the best kid ever.”

Advertising director Marty Padden said, “She was a very thoughtful person. She was kind and considerate, and willing to help when needed. She seemed to really enjoy to be working in the media business.”

Please be praying for the families of these victims as they walk through this difficult time. Share your prayers here! In other recent news, a shocking update was made about the shooting and what was found in the building.