Here Are the Nearly 60 Democrats Who Wanted to Vote on Trump's Impeachment

December 07, 2017Dec 07, 2017

Although a clear minority in the House of Representatives, it will still quite shocking to see how many Democrats voted in favor of an effort to impeach President. The vote took place on Wednesday, revealing that liberals are becoming more willing to remove Trump from office than ever before. 

According to The Hill, the number of Democrats who voted to impeach Trump were unexpectedly high. All Republican representatives voted alongside 126 of their Democratic colleagues to defeat the resolution to impeach Trump. Among the prominent Democrats who voted against the effort were Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer, both of whom announced beforehand that they would vote to table the effort. 

Indeed, for high profile Democrats, voting on impeachment would be nothing short of counter-productive, since it would signal to President Trump and they are not only members of the opposition party, but that they are completely unwilling to work with him during his time in office. So much so that they are willing to at least consider his impeachment.

Pelosi and other Democrats cited the ongoing investigations by congressional committees and the FBI special counsel. Given that numerous investigations are currently underway, both Pelosi and Hoyer remarked that now is not the time to consider impeachment. Perhaps, they implied, impeachment can be a possibility of one of the congressional committees or the FBI special counsel finds that Trump committed an impeachable offense. Until then, it should be off the table.

Yet, despite leaders in their party urging against the impeachment vote, a shocking 58 members of the Democratic Party voiced that they wanted to vote on the impeachment bill. 

Congressman Green, who introduced the bill, admitted that he didn't think that a Trump impeachment vote would be successful. But this didn't stop him from pushing for a bill for months, believing that this is an issue that deserves debate and consideration among those in Congress. The Hill points out that other Democrats have publicly expressed support for impeaching President Trump, but unlike Green, they haven't forced a vote on the issue.

Here are all of the Democratic representatives who wanted to vote on the measure to impeach President Trump. 

Adams, Barragán, Bass, Beatty, Brady (PA), Capuano, Clark (MA), Clarke (NY), Clay, Clyburn, Cohen, Davis, Danny, DeSaulnier, Doggett, Ellison, Engel, Espaillat, Evans, Frankel (FL), Fudge, Gomez, Green, Grijalva, Hastings, Higgins (NY), Huffman, Jackson Lee, Jayapal, Kelly (IL), Lawrence, Lee, Lewis (GA), Lieu, McCollum, McGovern, McNerney, Moore, Moulton, Napolitano, Norcross, Pallone, Pascrell, Pingree, Polis, Raskin, Richmond, Rush, Schakowsky, Sherman, Slaughter, Thompson (MS), Titus, Vargas, Vela, Walz, Waters, Maxine, Watson Coleman, Wilson (FL).

The following are the Democratic representatives who voted "present" on the effort. 

Castro (TX), Sewell (AL), SheaPorter, Veasey.

In recent news, following Al Franken's announcement that he would be stepping down, Paul Ryan is calling on Judge Roy Moore to do the same. 

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