Here Are President Trump's Top Ten Accomplishments From 2017

December 27, 2017Dec 27, 2017

The mainstream media has often reported that President Trump has had no major legislative accomplishment until the signing of the GOP tax bill, which significantly lowered taxes for a vast number of Americans.

To an extent, the assessment of the mainstream media is true. President Trump has had fewer legislative victories than previous presidents, most notably Barack Obama, who was able to pass a massive amount of legislation during his first 100 Days. Many of his major accomplishments, rather than passing new legislation of his own, has simply been rolling back a significant swath of Obama's legislative legacy.

But this doesn't mean that Trump hasn't had several major legislative victories, most of which the mainstream media tragically downplay in their attempt to convince Americans that Trump is unable to govern.

According to the Hill, here are Trump's top ten legislative victories.

1. The tax-cut bill 

2. Neil Gorsuch's confirmation to the Supreme Court

3. Rolling back federal regulations

4. The travel ban 

5. Declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel 

6. Withdrawal from Paris climate deal 

7. Pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership 

8. Rolling back Obama's Cuba policies 

9. Moving to repeal Obama's net neutrality rules 

10. Further degrading ISIS

The LA Times also agrees that President Trump's list of legislative victories has been very extensive. They write that despite partisan reporting that suggests the contrary, President Trump has made a record number of judicial appointments, including a Supreme Court justice. The LA Times also adds that Trump has permitted arctic drilling and repealed Net Neutrality.

"Still, among conservatives, the tally of 'wins' has sparked an intramural debate," writes the LA Times.

The LA Times continues, writing that many Never Trump conservatives, joining with the mainstream media, have attempted to ignore Trump's legislative victories.

"The most prominent one is how Trump skeptics and avowed Never Trumpers should respond to them. For writers such as the Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin and the Atlantic's David Frum, the only legitimate response is either to ignore these successes or denigrate them, lest people lose sight of the threat Trump poses to the country."

Is there anything missing on this list? Let us know! In recent news, a Washington Post family member committed suicide days before the release of the movie "The Post."

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