Here Are All the Times Democrats Refused to Applaud During Trump’s SOTU Speech

January 31, 2018Jan 31, 2018

To CNN’s Van Jones, President Trump was trying to kill America with a deadly toxin during his State of the Union address Tuesday night.

"Let me just say, master salesperson, he used all of those stories really well. He was selling sweet-tasting candy with poison in it," Jones said on TV, according to CNN.

His attitude seemed matched by many of the Democratic lawmakers in attendance. Nobody expected a strong show of support from the left side of the aisle, but their stony, statue-like postures and facial expressions throughout Trump’s address was more glowering than many people expected.

While it’s not surprising that the Democrats didn’t clap when the president talked about the individual health insurance mandate repeal and promoting merit-based immigration, they also appeared to show a mass disapproval for popular topics like rising prosperity and decreasing black unemployment.

For many observers, the Democrats present showed extreme reluctance to being willing to work with Trump on anything, despite the fact that he’s offering them compromises on immigration reform. The Washington Free Beacon decided to illustrate their behavior by creating a brief — and comical — mashup of all the times that congressional Democrats, by in large, refused to applaud as Republicans rose to their feet.

Even the ACLU, which has the word “America” in its name, appeared upset at how many times Trump said “America” during his speech. Donald Trump Jr. was quick to ridicule them.

What do you think of this? In related news, Melania Trump is getting flak for what she chose to wear to her husband’s State of the Union Address.

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