Here Are 20 Million SHOCKING Reasons Why The VA Is Failing Our Veterans

July 26, 2016Jul 26, 2016

America’s veterans can go many months without seeing a doctor. Some veterans have even died while awaiting treatment. With such horrible treatment of those who served their country, one would expect our leaders to do everything in their power to make sure these brave men and women are being properly taken care of.


Unfortunately that is not the case. According the Daily Caller, precious resources are being diverted away from the veterans to be used on artwork. Two separate government watchdog groups have examined the Veteran Administration’s finances and found that in the past 10 years over $20 million dollars have been spent on purchasing artwork and decorations for their various buildings.

Of the $20 million, $16 million has been spent during Obama’s administration. “Instead of hiring doctors to help triage backlogged veterans, the VA’s bonus-happy bureaucracy spent millions of dollars on art,” American Transparency CEO Adam Andrzejewski said. More than a dozen of the pieces of artwork that were purchased sold for more than $250,000.

Just think how far that $20 million could have gone in hiring doctors and treating the veterans. Think how many lives could have been saved.