Here Are 11 Times the Obamas Have Attacked President Trump Since Election Night

May 09, 2018May 09, 2018

The Daily Caller writes that it isn't common for former presidents to attack sitting presidents. In numerous instances, however, former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama have bashed successor Donald Trump since leaving the White House on January 20, 2017.

Although former presidents do indeed at time criticize their predecessors, the Daily Caller notes that in many ways, the Obamas have broken with precedent, criticizing Trump numerous times since leaving office. Here are 11 times, provided by the Daily Caller, that the former president and first lady have criticized the sitting president. 

  • In January 2017, Obama criticized Trump's proposed travel ban, adding that he was "heartened" by protests against the travel ban taking place throughout the country. 
  • In May 2017, Michelle Obama expressed disappointment that the Trump administration began to repeal rules aimed at forcing schools to provide healthier lunches, which was something she advocated for as the first lady. 
  • Again in May 2017, President Obama criticized Trump's proposed border-wall between the United States and Mexico, saying that the United States — or any country, for that matter — shouldn't become isolated. "We can't hide behind a wall," said the former president. 
  • In June 2017, Obama criticized Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement. 
  • Again in June 2017, Obama criticized Trump and the Republican Party for their healthcare legislation, which Obama said was "mean." This legislation, although it never ultimately was able to repeal Obamacare, stripped Obamacare of many fundamental parts. 
  • In July 2017, Obama again criticized Trump on foreign soil for withdrawing from the Paris deal. 
  • In September 2017, Obama called Trump "cruel" on a Facebook post for threatening to phase out the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. 
  • Again in September 2017, Michelle Obama slammed Trump voters, saying that she is concerned that any woman would have voted for President Trump. 
  • In October 2017, Obama criticized Trump's overall tone as president, saying that he won his campaign by "diving people" and therefore isn't "able to govern them." 
  • In May 2018, Michelle once again claimed that women shouldn't support President Trump, and added that women who voted for Trump need to analyze "how [they] think about themselves and each other. “So I do wonder what young girls are dreaming about when we’re still there when the most qualified person running was a woman, and look what we did instead.”
  • Again in May 2018, Obama said that President Trump is making a "major mistake" by withdrawing from the Iran nuclear agreement, which was a pillar of Obama's foreign policy legacy. 

President Trump has slowly and systematically undone almost all of the central pillars of Obama's legacy — on taxes, the economy, healthcare, foreign policy, education, immigration, and the environment. 

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