Here Are Some Top Tips For Picking And Using Crystals For Self-Love

Self-love is more than just the latest buzzword—it’s changing habits to improve your relationship with yourself. Crystals for self-love are a great way to clear blocks and give your efforts a boost.   

Since crystals carry a natural positive vibration, they transfer their energy to you while you’re using them. This is why crystals for self-love can enhance your overall results. It’s important to focus on using the best crystals for self-love though. 

Once you find the right crystal, it’s time to put it to work. Crystals can be worn in jewelry, used as a meditation tool, and even used in the bathtub. Be careful not to put them in water as they can rust or dissolve.

Self-love: The Importance of Self-Love

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Your relationship with yourself will improve your relationships with others. If you can’t show yourself compassion and love, how do you expect to show it towards others? Self-love is a way to increase your vibration, which can help you manifest your goals through the law of attraction. 

It’s also believed that self-love improves mental healthYou can reduce your anxiety and depression. By prioritizing yourself and your needs you’ll feel less stressed, achieve self-acceptance, and be happier overall. 

The Different Crystals for Self-Love

Crystals for self-love can add positive energy to your life, making you a magnet for positivity. You can use crystals for self-love by placing a stone near your beauty and self-care products for several hours allowing them to absorb its energy or by adding it to your bath (please make sure to check it’s water safe!). 

Rose Quartz

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Rose quartz is a pink-colored, pearly crystal that attracts love of all kinds. It helps you develop patience, compassion, forgiveness, and empathy towards others and, most importantly, yourself. Rose quartz is one of your best options to help you get rid of self-worth and confidence. It will remind you of your worth and show you that you are worthy of love. 

Rose quartz stone has a connection to both the Heart Chakra and the Throat. It promotes love and healing, and encourages closer relationships between people. If your Heart Chakra is blocked, you might feel insecure, jealous, unworthy of love, or stuck in a relationship.

Rose quartz can be used to help parents strengthen their relationships with their children by boosting their vibration. Rose quartz can be used for self-love and alignment repair.


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AmazoniteIt comes in a variety of colors, including blue and green, and is infused with warrior energy. This strength was first discovered by the Amazonite warriors, who used amazonite stone on their shields. The crystal has been used to decorate the tombs and heads of powerful leaders, such as Egyptian pharaohs and queens. 

Amazonite stones are ideal for easing the nervous system as it’s linked to reducing stress and anxiety. It’s great for people who struggle to set and maintain healthy boundaries. This crystal will help you to be more self-loving and encourage honesty, courage, and openness. It encourages rational thinking and tranquility. 

Amazonite is a stone that connects with Heart and Throat Chakras. It facilitates communication and self expression. It helps reduce melancholy and discourages destructive behavior such as disappointment or pain. These stones are similar to rose quartz crystals and have energy that boosts selfesteem and patience. This makes them an excellent choice for self love practices. 


natural rhodonite beads

Rhodonite crystalsThese crystals are pink with white veins and black spots. This crystal promotes emotional independence and self-confidence by focusing on the Heart and Root Chakras. Rhodonite is a crystal that can be used to heal and strengthen oneself. It is also great for helping you overcome a loss or grieving.

Rhodonite emphasizes complete soul nourishment. It encourages users towards being more compassionate towards themselves, which promotes recognition and awakening talents. This crystal will help you stay balanced by encouraging you to abandon self-destructive patterns and focus on the pure energy of the Heart Chakra space.

Use rhodonite as your self-love crystal when you’ve experienced a trauma that took a toll on your confidence. These stones can be comforting in difficult times and encourage you forgive, rebuild, move on. 


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Carnelian crystals These are shades of orange and red, and they are said to balance the Sacral Chakra. They are a great energy source for people who fear public speaking. Known as “The Singer’s Stone,” carnelian crystals can help the timid speak or sing in front of an audience. These beautiful stones were worn around the necks of warriors in ancient times to increase their courage and strength in battle. 

Carnelian stimulates the muscles, improves oxygen flow, and helps with coordination during exercise. It can stimulate sex drive, and even boost fertility. Also referred to as “The Artist’s Stone,” carnelian crystals will help get your creatives juices flowing, inspiring you to draw, paint, write, dance, sing, and more. 

The carnelian connects with three lower Chakras, including the Root Chakra, which keeps users grounded. These stones also connect to the Sacral Chakra that improves attitudes and stimulates appetites. They also connect to the Solar Plexus Chakra that oversees our character, ego, and helps users overcome obstacles. These stones should be used when self-love requires a more aggressive approach. 


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Citrine It comes in a variety of colors, from light yellow to golden. It also functions as a self-love stone that gives users a boost. Its bright energy helps to chase away negativity. It instills in users the power and strength of a fighter, and the power of positivity. Citrine stones are often likened to the sun because they offer similar benefits, such as physical warmth as well as mood-lifting. 

Citrine appeals to both Sacral Chakra and the Solar Plexus. The Solar Plexus Chakra is what gives us our warrior strength. If the Solar Plexus Chakra becomes blocked, you might struggle with confidence and have trouble keeping out negative energy. Sacral Chakra connects to desire and creativity. If your Sacral Chakra is blocked you may feel overwhelmed and lack of connection.

Citrine crystals are great for self-love. They will help you feel more optimistic, self-worth, and creative. It’ll help you stay grounded, ward off negative energy, and draw out your inner strength. All worries and struggles will be swept away by this tool, which will help you remain positive. 


rhodochrosite stone mineral on wood
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Rhodochrosite crystalsThey are salmon-colored and rightfully named after the Greek word “pink” They can help you to find love and mercy by connecting to the Heart Chakra. These stones are also good for healing trauma and suppressed memories. If trauma from your past lives has an impact on your present life, it can cause unwanted barriers that keep you open to love and relationships. 

Rhodochrosite vibrates in love energy, which heals your heart and energy field. It’ll help you learn to be compassionate towards others as well as yourself. They help you to be open to other people and to accept their feelings without judgment. A lesser-known benefit of rhodochrosite is that it can bring friends or family members you’ve lost touch with back into your life. They’ll help you get in touch with your inner child, lead you to forgiveness, and find your path in life.