Famous Retailer Closing Its Doors After 123 Years in Business

September 14, 2018Sep 14, 2018

A famous retail store has announced they are closing shop after 123 years in business. Henri Bendel, the famous luxury retailer, is closing for good.

"L Brands Inc., which acquired the brand in 1985, said that the 23 Bendel stores will turn out the lights in January. The Columbus, Ohio, company said it wants to focus on larger brands with more growth potential," reported USA Today.

The iconic store, with famous storefronts in New York, is named after their own founder. Bendel was originally a hat maker who specialized in women's hats. He was originally from Louisiana.

"He moved to New York in 1895 and began catering to the city’s elite, making the stores’ brown and white striped shopping and bags and hat boxes a coveted status symbol. In the 1960s, its in-house illustrator was a young artist named Andy Warhol,' reported the USA Today.

Many fans of the store were sad to hear the news. A lot of tourists are also going to be sad to know the store will no longer be around. Their flagship location is located in the heart of New York on the famed 5th Avenue.

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