Heightened Security for Star Wars Opening after Incident in Arizona

December 18, 2015Dec 18, 2015

The long awaited opening of the new Star Wars movie comes after two incidents in the last week raised concerns.

In Arizona last night, there was suspicious activity outside a movie theater where Star Wars was opening. According to Breitbart, two men with thick middle Eastern accents drove up to the theater and started shooting video of the theater, the restaurant, and where people were congregating. When asked what they were doing, they said they just wanted to see the restaurant; they then exited and began making phone calls.

This followed a similar incident in Southern California, where two separate men in cars with no plates drove up and began asking questions like "when are the most people here" and "when is this the most crowded."

Could these incidents be innocent? Of course. But in today's environment, it can raise suspicions. Some movie theaters are beefing up security with armed guards, and the National Association of Theatre Owners issued a warning because of the two incidents.