Heidi Cruz Reveals: The Strange Thing Ted Did On Their Wedding Night

April 18, 2016Apr 18, 2016

This isn't exactly the normal thing to do on your wedding night, but it's a glimpse into who Ted Cruz really is.  In an exclusive interview with Fox's Megyn Kelly, Heidi Cruz shared the strange thing her husband did on their honeymoon. 


"It was an incredibly happy time. We were great newlyweds," Cruz began.

"Ted is a very low-key person. He's a man who's very easy to live with," shared Mrs. Cruz. "The night we got married, we come home from our honeymoon, and he went out and bought 100 cans of chunky soup and stocked the pantry." Since Heidi grew up on a farm where you make everything yourself, she loaded up the 100 cans in the car the next day and returned them.

Kelly asked, "Why did he want 100 cans of soup?" Heidi replied simply, "Because he can eat a can of soup for dinner!" She explained, "This is the kind of person who's very easy," and added, "Our potential next President of the United States might have a can for dinner."

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